Burger Segment

The Burger Segment started from a Strava battle between runners from Annandale and runners from a nearby town. It is 3 segments—all in a row—that now have some really fast times. The three segments together have now evolved into the Burger Segment, also known as, The Burger Project.

Getting the fastest time on the Burger Segment is the primary goal but bonus points/prizes are awarded for nabbing any of the three individual segments that comprise the larger Burger Segment. All arranged attempts come with the opportunity to have a burger social after the attempt to talk shop and enjoy some good food and company. There is also a couple of hundred dollars in cash offered by some of the local runners. Beyond all of that, there is now the prestige of having Justin make your attempt into a video…

The first segment, West Side of West Lake Sylvia, is a challenging 2.61 mile stretch with about 65 ft of elevation gain. Worse than the gain is the loss of elevation. Enter: Stress Fracture Hill (SFH). SFH sits in the middle of the segment and it’s a shin-pounding downhill that tops out at a 20% decline. The current record holder is Danny Docherty at a time of 12:20 (4:43/mi pace).

The second segment, 53rd to Quimby, is just plain flat. It’s two-quarter milers, 0.53 miles, with a 90-degree turn separating them. The current record holder is Sal Wirth, who completed it at a time of 2:25 (4:34/mi pace).

The third segment is where things get dirty. Verizon Hill is 0.21 miles straight uphill (8% slope) with 92 ft of elevation gain. It’s also on gravel. The current record holders are Sal Wirth and Joe Gathje at a time of 1:05 (5:05/mi pace).

The first two segments are blazing fast, but Verizon Hill is the killer; after running over 3 miles in under 14:45, can you finish with a sprint uphill?

Putting it all together is the overall Burger Segment, 3.32 miles with about 250 ft of elevation gain. The current record holder is Danny Docherty in a time of 16:20 (4:55/mi pace).

Do you know someone who has what it takes to set a new record?

This video shows Justin and Sal running and biking the whole segment and showing it off.

Danny Docherty’s Burger Segment attempt on September 4, 2021

Are you on Strava? Check out the segments here:

West Side of West Lake Sylvia: https://www.strava.com/segments/17273039

53rd to Quimby: https://www.strava.com/segments/23821922

Verizon Hill: https://www.strava.com/segments/23157383

Would you like to attempt to earn yourself a burger and some cash? Your attempt will come with some rabbits, drones, and Justin’s cinematic wonders.