Mike is an avid runner. He has run Grandma’s marathon 4 times, ran a marathon PR in 2022 at Twin Cities Marathon, ran his first ultramarathon in the fall of 2020 (Wild Duluth 50k), and ran the Fall 50, his first 50 mile race. He is currently on a running streak that started April 18, 2020, running over 1000 days in a row. Mike has been running for years and wants to see if he can continue to improve while encouraging those around him to be active. With years of coaching, teaching, running, and organizing other events, the opportunity to help out with a church running event presented itself in the summer of 2021. After a successful event, the opportunity to organize more running events became a possibility. That, along with enjoying running the shortest distance between two points, has brought about Running Tangents LLC to organize races. When Mike isn’t running, you can find him teaching middle school math, listening to podcasts, enjoying time outdoors, playing board games, and being with his family.

Running Tangents plans to organize fun and unique events with a commitment to give a portion of race proceeds to charity or community needs. We look forward to seeing you on the course. Click the events tab to see what events we have coming up!